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  • This publication was inspired by the "As I learn, We all learn" & "Each one teach one" paradigms that champion the sharing of knowledge and wisdom specifically with the youth and universal knowledge seekers in general wherever they can be found. It is a compilation of a few of my previous presentations expanded on in essay form, new topics I was passionate enough to want to document, 2 eager first-time new Black authors of honorable character and exceptional intellect and wisdom (Robert McCardell & Brother Lavelle) offer immaculate contributions, an enlightening entry by the Great Modern day Griot Kofi Piesie himself along with special bonus entries from my sons Chavis Jr & Khayrii and my nephew Landon. The Tep Heseb Warriors present to you this pot of intellectually intriguing gumbo titled "Collective Consciousness of Afrocentric Intellectuals"


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