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The following is a critical analysis of the book "It Was Told in Reverse: The Untold Truth About The Transatlantic Slave Trade" by Taniesha & Dane Calloway Inc. I'm Just Here to Make You Think Inc 2022. After a thorough literature review of this published work and bibliography, we will be examining the strengths and weaknesses of the argument put forth in their book. Mr. & Mrs. Calloway believe that the Transatlantic Slave Trade is folklore, that specific details of this historic event did not happen the way it has been told, and that it happened in reverse. We will examine several pieces of the argument in this book and see if they provide evidence of their view. This analysis will also review the research methodology of Mr. & Mrs. Calloway, editorial errors, and improper use of in-text citations, if any exist.

It Was Told in Reverse: The Untold Truth About The TAST Revisited

  • Kofi Piesie/Mossi Warrior Clan

    Copyright 2020 by Kofi Piesie Research Team


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