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In 2020, amid COVID-19 causing havoc, when the world was shut down and on lockdown, I Decided to mask up and pick my pen up.


I managed to buckle down and publish four books during the Pandemic: The Butterfly Effect, The Five Laws of Leadership, Expanding Your Vision: The Hero’s Journey, and The Anatomy of A Book. Here inside Sean P. The Reader: A Collection of Thought, you have all four eBooks compiled into one paperback project for the first time ever. In true Sean fashion, I have employed some of my super friends to add in brand new Forewords, Afterwords, Prologues, Introductions, and much more. Due to the pandemic, I could not properly market, promote, book sign, etc., for these books in a way I would have wanted to, so there is no time like the present to bring this work to light for a brand-new audience. It is always my hope and prayer that my readers walk away with something they can apply when they put my books down. Hopefully, this will be the same.

Sean P. The Reader: A Collection of Thought

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