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Kofi Piesie Da Griot and Seanathan The Griot Polidore have teamed up for this publication entitled The Modern Day Griots & Griotte: The New Generation. This publication was put together to inspire the next/new generation of writers, authors, leaders, poets, storytellers, and musicians. Also, both authors are trying to inspire a Modern Day Griot and Griotte movement from state to state and possibly from country to country. Griots and Griotte were important figures in their community for the many roles and skills they possessed. In this day and time, with the book’s banns across the states and the misrepresentation of our Ancestor’s contributions. We need Modern Day Griots more than ever. Kofi and Seanathan are asking If you are a teacher, professor, writer, author, musician, public speaker, news anchor, radio host, and poet, and you are about your people, please be a part of this Modern Day Griots & Griotte movement. This publication will give more insight into what a Griot & Griotte is and what a Modern-Day Griot looks like today.

The Modern Day Griots & Griottes: The New Generation

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